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Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Department of the SA/NT District...

...was established by the LCA to assist all those who engage with our church to care for one another.
There is now a Professional Standards Officer in every District of the LCA.

Caring for one another requires a little effort from us. It's something we need to choose to do. It's love in action.  
It's what we are called to do as Christians.

The LCA and its districts have policies and procedures to help us know appropriate ways of behaving and responding to matters that life throws at us.  We need to take special care of the vulnerable people, the frail, the sick, the sad and especially our children. In the past we may have tried to ‘fix things up’ after an incident occurred, but our new focus is on the prevention of harm.

The Professional Standards Department (PSD) is:

  • coordinating training in a range of areas
  • responsible for the management of complaints in a fair and transparent manner in order to ensure compliance with the biblical principles of reconciliation and the principles of natural justice
  • developing further policies, procedures and other resources which will be readily available via this website

Click here for Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and more...

Here's a link to the LCA Professional Standards web page... 


Training & Workshops

A number of different types of training and workshops are offered to help congregations meet their Health and Safety, and ChildSafe obligations.  Current workshops include:

  • Professional Standards Workshop (PSW)
    Prevention of harassment and abuse (including Safe Place) and ChildSafe team member combined into one workshop, removing the need for congregation members to complete two types of training.
    This is the foundation training which must be completed before other levels of training.
  • ChildSafe Team Leader (TL)
    This training specifically applies to the ChildSafe system and is for appointed team leaders who oversee a ministry program for children and/or youth. PSW or ChildSafe team member training must be current before this training can be completed.
  • ChildSafe Coordinator
    Each congregation is expected to appoint and train at least one coordinator (preferably two, not including their pastor) to oversee the implementation of the ChildSafe system within their congregation or parish.
    TL training must be completed prior to coordinator training.
  • ChildSafe Team Leader for Teachers
    Has been developed to recognise the qualifications of key people working within our congregations. This training is a combination of TL and Team Member (now PSW) training and recognises the extensive training already completed by teachers, police officers and the like.
  • ChildSafe Team Member Refresher (TM)
    Team Member training is required to be refreshed every three years. An online test can be completed, or alternatively the full Professional Standards Workshop can be completed in place of a refresher.

Additional details on all of these types of training and a full training schedule can be viewed on the Workshops & Training page


VOAN Police Checks

Not-for-profit organisations in South Australia are privileged to be able to obtain Police Checks free of charge via the VOAN system.  

To apply for a VOAN Police Check, you can download Police Check Instructions which clearly steps out the process.

Please note:

  • Retired pastors and other previously paid workers are entitled to use the VOAN for their voluntary work.
  • Paid workers, including pastors, are required to pay for a Police Check and are unable to obtain a VOAN Police Check in relation to their work. 

SA Police require that the LCA maintain an up-to-date list of authorised persons who fill-in and sign the VOLUNTEER AUTHORITY section of the Police Check Application form.  If there has been a change of the authorised persons for your congregation or parish please download, complete and sign this Nominated VOAN Authorised Officers form.  Then please:

  • Make a copy and email or mail it to the Professional Standards Officer, LCA District Office, 137 Archer Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006.  
  • Mail the original to the Police Records Unit as per the detail on the form.

Contact us:

LCA SA/NT District Professional Standards Department
Phone:  08 8267 5211