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LCA SA/NT District
47th Regular Synodical Convention

20th - 22nd May 2016

Hosted by Loxton Lutheran School & Parish

Main Venue
Loxton Lutheran School
6 Luther Rd

An engaging, inspiring and encouraging celebration and vision
of where God’s love leads us to loving others.


According to the Constitution and By-laws of the District, Convention shall consist of:

a)      Lay Delegates

The ratio of lay delegates to communing members (over the age of 16 years) in each congregation or parish (if parish opts for parish representation) shall be one delegate for each one hundred communicants of part thereof.

b)      School Principals

The ratio of school principals shall be one principal for every three principals or part thereof, of Lutheran schools in the district. Principle Delegates are to be appointed annually by principles in consultation with the Director of Lutheran Schools.

c)       Pastor Delegates (including Pastors Emeriti)

d)      Member of the District Church Council

e)      The Director of Administration

f)       The Director for Mission, the Director for Children, Youth & Family Ministry, the Director of Lutheran School, the Director of Lutheran Community Care and the Tertiary Chaplain

Lay delegates shall be voting members of congregations.


Proposals can be received from District Church Council, Standing Committees and congregations.  All proposals go to the Constitution Committee for consideration and to DCC for approval before being placed in the Book of Reports.
All proposals must be received by the District Office by email by 5pm on 1st February 2016.

Please note that late proposals will not be accepted.


Nominations to the District Committees are received prior to Convention of Synod via the nomination forms which will be available on the District website in December 2015. You will also be able to find information on the District Committees on our website at this time.
All nominations must be received by the District Office via post or email by 5pm on 1st February 2016.


Delegates and visitors will be able complete their registration online from February 2016.
Delegates and visitors will be required to select and pay for their meals during the registration process.
Each congregation will be invoiced for their delegate fees, which is required to be paid in full regardless of actual attendance at Convention. Congregations are invoiced for lay delegates and parishes for Pastors. Convention of Synod is held biennially therefore the fee covers two years of Synod related costs.


More details will be published as they become avalaible.


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