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Director for Mission

Steen 2

The 2013 LCA General Synod established a new Board for Local Mission. A new 'strategic framework 2013 - 2018' for the LCA was adopted. Part of that relates to growing the missional culture of the LCA. The SA/NT District Church Council asked me to present a brief discussion paper on how this might look for our district. If you are interested it is attached here.

In the DfM, we have a general rule that if a workshop or presentation is longer than two hours, we will ask participants to fill in our feedback sheets. Our form allows for both comments and tick boxes. It is obviously good to know what was helpful and what needs improvement and we regularly fine-tune our materials in response to the feedback we receive. Since we exist to "resource, encourage and focus [our] communities to grow in Christ and make him known to all people" (to quote our SA/NT District mission statement), we need to hear how we are going. It is also encouraging to hear when people appreciate what we put out there.

The Department for Mission offers a range of seminars and workshops. We may also be able to adapt and develop new programs and we normally customise existing materials to suit your local situation. Contact one of our staff to see what is possible.

I send out mission information, stories and other items of interest from time to time on my SA/NT Mission Update. You can subcribe to this and other LCA Lists here.