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Why am I a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of a church?




We all need good friends. The kind that stick with you through good and bad. Who don’t judge you and bad-mouth you to others. Who will be there even when the going gets tough. I need to know I am loved unconditionally and valued as the person I know I am. I need for my life to make a difference in the world. That’s important for how I see myself. In fact God made us to be in good stable relationships. It is important for our sense of security and self-worth.


The trouble is that when I try to get my sense of security, self-worth and significance out of my friends they end up disappointing me and only make me feel more alienated. More often than not these desires within me weaken, if not destroy, my relationships because I become a user of others so that I can meet my needs.


Only in a relationship with God do I get these deep needs met because…


  1. Loves me unconditionally in Jesus Christ – no matter what I do he never rejects me!
  2. Values me so much that he sent Jesus to die for me – I am made the way I am in his image and he says that is very good.
  3. Has given me gifts and abilities that equip me to make unique contribution to his plans for his universe – what I do makes an eternal difference.

In this way God is setting me free from my self – centeredness and giving me the personal security to enable me to be a true friend to others. When I have these needs met by God I no longer need to be protective in my relationships. I can be open and vulnerable.

Steen Olsen (with some help from Terry Calkin)