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The Lutheran Church of Australia is committed to providing a safe, fair, responsive, accessible and transparent environment in which complaints and concerns can be raised, addressed in an appropriate manner and consistent with scriptural principles by means of a professional and effective process, and resolved appropriately.

The objectives of the Complaints Handling policy are to:

  • Promote reconciliation of relationships and resolution of issues based on sound scriptural guidelines.
  • Encourage an environment in which a complaint or concern can be raised without fear of reprisal or unfair treatment.
  • Enable the complainant and the respondent to be provided with pastoral care and support.
  • Enable all complaints to be addressed in accordance with principles of natural justice.
  • Enable a process where confidentiality is maintained in the assessment or investigation of complaints.
  • Enable a fair, impartial and transparent process which is applied in a consistent manner.


Making a Complaint

First Steps
Many matters can be resolved, before lasting hurt is caused, by addressing them quickly in a non-threatening
manner by raising it directly with the relevant person(s) or organisation in a thoughtful and courteous manner.
  • Review your own language and behaviour in relation to the matter. 
  • Approach a trusted colleague, supervisor/officer, pastor or manager (as applicable) and ask for their support
    in raising your complaint or concern and in seeking resolution.
Workplace complaint or grievance procedure
Refer to the complaint or grievance procedure of the workplace in question.
These procedures will be followed except in extraordinary circumstances.

Subsequent Steps
If the above is not applicable or possible in your situation, you may lodge a complaint with the Professional Standards Department (PSD).

Anonymous complaints
In very limited circumstances anonymous complaints may be accepted if there is enough information 
for the complaint or concern to be assessed.

If at all possible, you are encouraged to at least lodge a means of contact so that the matter can be investigated
more thoroughly and dealt with more effectively.  Your privacy will be respected and confidentiality will be maintained
wherever possible.

Lodging a complaint
Complaints may be lodged, formally or informally, via the PSD of the church in any of the following ways:

                Phone:                 1800 644 628 


                Mail:                     Complaints - CONFIDENTIAL
                                             P.O. Box 519
                                             Marden  SA 5070