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Safe Place

The Lutheran Church is committed to providing safe places where all people are cared for, kept safe and protected from harm. The careful selection of people (both paid and voluntary) involved in the ministries of the Lutheran Church is integral in ensuring a safe place for all.

We cannot assume that all people involved in ministry share this commitment to ‘a safe place for all’.  Therefore, the Safe Place policy was implemented in 1997.  It encouraged the LCA districts to be proactive in implementing procedure to obtain police checks for all people involved in ministry, and educating people in appropriate behaviour.

For the purpose of this policy, ‘involved in ministry’, includes people who have regular programmed ministry involvement (e.g. the person leads a group once per month for 2-3 hours, or the person visits aged people in their homes on a weekly basis). People involved in occasional or ad hoc ministries will not be required to have a police check. If in doubt, contact the District Professional Standards Officer.

A police check reveals any relevant criminal record. This policy has a particular focus on the right of children to experience a safe place free from any danger and calls for a mandate that all people involved in child-related ministries undergo a police check.

The policy for police checks became effective as of January 1, 2002. It is required that all LCA congregations/institutions have in place a procedure to ensure that current police checks are obtained and maintained for all pastors, employees and volunteers who work in position of trust.  These checks need to be renewed every three years. Instructions for renewal can be found here.

Professional Standards

The principles of the Safe Place policy still stand.  But the procedures have changed and are now managed by the Professional Standards Department.  Please refer to the Professional Standards page for more detail.    

To contact Professional Standards:
(08) 8267 5211,