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The ChildSafe System

The ChildSafe system is a safety and risk management system with a focus on keeping children and young people (and the teams of adults that work with them) safe in their programs and activities. ChildSafe sets a standard of safety and care for the LCA. It is a requirement that everyone involved in ministry programs for children and young people under the age of 18 is trained in the system.

There are three levels to the ChildSafe system:
          - Team Member is any adult who supervises a group of children or youth
          - Team Leader is appointed by the congregation to supervise a group of team members
          - Coordinator is appointed by the congregation to oversee the safety and training of all teams
              within the congregation

ChildSafe is part of a prevention process and also informs of the actions that will be taken by the LCA to support individuals and programs when things go wrong. ChildSafe ensures that teams consider all safety possibilities when designing programs, and also increases the awareness of all current and potential team members to their duty of care responsibilities. These responsibilities are grounded in our moral obligations as children of God and also in government legislation to ensure that all organisations working with children provide environments that are safe from danger and abuse.


To become a qualified ChildSafe team member, individuals must complete the full Professional Standards Workshop (PSW).
ChildSafe team member training is required to be refreshed every three years. This can be done by completing the online refresher test or by completing the full Professional Standards Workshop.

The higher levels of ChildSafe, including team leader & coordinator, can be completed through online webinars.

To view full details on this training, scheduled workshops and to register please view the Workshops & Training page

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Phone: 08 8267 5211

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