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 Value Statement

"To provide exemplary administration services in a courteous and accessible manner that recognises and responds with sincerity to those in need of our services."

The Administration Services Team believes in ...

  • providing quality proactive services
  • assisting in administrative processes to ensure effective and efficient operations
  • maintaining and promoting the LCA SA/NT District's standards and ethics
  • developing and promoting the acceptance of standardised operating procedures

Resources available...

If you would like a model consitution, please contact the District Office. 

The LCA SA/NT District Constitution

For model constitutions for schools, refer to the Lutheran Schools Association


The LCA Privacy Policy Statement

Safe Place, ChildSafe, Ethical Standards & Behaviour

Ethical Standards of Behaviour Policy Prevention of Harassment & Abuse Policy
Child Protection Policy Sex Offender Policy
What is ChildSafe?  

Administrative Policies and Procedures

Conflict of Interest Policy Model Email Policy - LCA
Conflict of Interest Guidelines Email Policy Guidelines - LCA
Handling of Offerings Policy Information and Communication Technology Policy- LCA
Audit Procedures  

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy 2013 (Word document)
Health and Safety Policy 2013 (pdf)

Health and Safety Implementation Handbook for Congregations
                                                                               (Version 2.3  September 2014)

Supporting materials for the 
Health and Safety Implementation Handbook:

(This Section updated January 2015)

25 Step Plan - Implementation Checklist - form only  
(001) HS Statement of Commitment (002) HS Lines of Responsibility
(003) HS Officer (004) HS Induction
(005) Safety Improvement Request (006) Safety Improvement Register
(007) Incident Report form (008) Incident Reports Register
(010) Safety Review Walkthrough Assessment (011) First Aid - Practical Notes 
(012) First Aid Treatment Record (013) First Aid Kit Register
(014) Hazardous Substances Register (015) Test and Tag - Electrical Equipment Register
(016) Fire Extinguisher Register (017) Fire Evacuation Process
(018) Asbestos Register (019) In An Emergency
(020) Hazardous Substances (021) Emergency Repairs and Maintenance
(022) Do Not Enter (023) Do Not Use - Unsafe
(024) Slippery Surface (025) Uneven Surface
(026) Safety Rules for Contractors (026) Working Bee Checklist

Information on Work Health and Safety Laws:

General Information Sheet_001
PCBU_Office_Worker Information Sheet_002
Volunteers Information Sheet_003
Incident Notification_004
First Aiders_HS Reps_HS Committees Information Sheet_005
Consultation Information Sheet_006

More resources available...

Bequests Brochure Ministries Brochure
Ministry with Seniors Information Interim Guidelines for camps in the SA/NT District

'Calling a Pastor' packages also available from the District Office which include:

Preparations for Pre-Call Meeting Call Meeting Procedure The Pastor on the Move
Calling a Pastor in the SA/NT District Transfer Fund Application for Transit Insurance
Steps for the Call Committee Payment of Retired Pastors and Students Contents Calculation Guide
The Parish in Transition A Mission Outpost